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Default Khan: Offensively, I'm a good fighter. Defensively, I'm one of the worst fighters"

"Already I see a big difference in my defense, especially sparring with the sparring partners I have, like Karim Mayfield, Mike Dallas, and a couple of other guys I have. I've sparred with some good sparring partners for this fight; better than the fighter [Carlos Molina] really I believe. Like I said, it's just going to be a different ball game when we get in the fight

I thought that's one thing that I need to work on. Offensively, I'm a good fighter. Defensively, I'm one of the worst fighters. I'm my own critic. I criticize myself, so I think I need to work on that. If you look at the past couple of fights, in Freddie's gym, we still kept doing the same things. We never really worked on defense, but maybe things were going right and that's why. I just needed a change I think. The change was to go somewhere different and have someone else telling me what to do and what not to do. It's always good to make a change I think. I mean, Freddie made me a 2-time world champion. I won the WBA and I also won the IBF, so he's done a lot for me in my career. I think with Virgil, I think he can take me to that next level now."
Full interview is down @ FightH. A very good interview, and again is acknowledging his flaws more than he has before.
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