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Default Re: Cotto vs Trout was high altitude training a factor?

Originally Posted by RJJFan View Post
Alex Ariza’s Corner Of The Ring
Why Shane Mosley will lose this fight after the 5th round

Most people think high altitude training is the way to train. They feel that by getting their endurance to the level they want in an environment that is producing less oxygen will make the body perform better when the body is introduced back to lower climates when the body is introduced back to higher amounts of oxygen for every breath they take.

In high altitudes, the amount of oxygen in the blood is reduced because there’s less oxygen in the air. To compensate for reduction of oxygen in the air, the kidneys secrete more of a hormone called erythropoietin, which causes the body to create more red blood cells.

However the increase in red blood cells comes at a cost – having too many blood cells makes the blood thicker and can make blood flow sluggish. This makes it harder for your heart to pump blood throughout the body, and can actually decrease the amount of oxygen getting to where it is needed.

At very high altitudes (>5000m), weight loss is unavoidable because your body actually consumes your muscles in order to provide energy. There is even a risk that the body’s immune system will become weakened, leading to an increased risk of infections, and there may be adverse changes in the chemical make-up of the muscles. Additionally, the body cannot exercise as intensely at altitude. This results in reduced training intensity, which can reduce performance.

Besides Shane Mosley loosing muscle tissue and his body becoming depleted Shane Mosley has the biggest set back of all. By the time Shane Mosley steps in the ring, his body will already have become accustomed to the lower altitude. Everything his body built in the area’s of endurance up in Big Bear mountain are now gone. The body has already adjusted back to it’s natural environment.
It is not like Shane Mosley is sitting there with all this extra energy that he will be able to display for everyone in the ring.
Shane’s body will automatically get used to the higher levels of oxygen that you breathe in the lower climates. Their will be no benefit to what Shane tried to accomplish. Shane Mosley will have achieved no advantage. All Shane Mosley did was sacrificed muscle, strength, and speed for no reason.

The only reason I put this article out now is because it is too late for Shane to go backwards. He has damaged his body enough that those effects are non-reversible. (in the short time left to the fight on May 7th.)

I remember watching Tito Ortiz years ago when he was at the top of his game, but then he changed his training to Big Bear. He thought it would help him, but Tito started gassing in the 2nd round. That was simply because he actually weakened himself during training and his opponent was able to over power him during the second round.

Same thing will happen to Mosely. Shane has depleted himself. That is why you saw what you saw in the Mayweather fight. That is why you saw what you saw in the Sergio Mora Fight.

On the other hand, my fighter Manny Pacquiao is training as hard as he possible can in the environment he will actually fight in. He is eating and building muscle everyday. He is getting faster, stronger, while Shane is getting weaker and weaker.

This fight will not go the distance. I hardly ever predict fights. Freddie Roach is better at that then I am, but you will see many advantages for us in this fight, but the biggest one you will see will come in the fifth or sixth round and beyond; that is strength, endurance, speed, and power.

Shane will not be able to handle this.

Until next time, same website Official Manny Pacquiao Website PAC-MAN Manny Pacquiao

finally,somebody Got it right the fact is right here.. High altitude training, can be good for the lungs,BUT the muscles is getting killed by not getting enough oxygene. If u do running every other day, your lung will be in shape to box twelve rounds. But the muscles is going down by high altitude.. But lets be real here. I love miguel cotto, but he had gameplan problems here also. no jab to get inside. BAD combinations. he was slugish(this might be cause of the hight altitude training). but his balance was also way off.. people today like to just punch and dont know that their balance is way off. If u drive a car with flat tire at the one side, the car is gonna rotate to that side. We realy need more trainers today focusing on good balance and simple stuff as when to throw a punch and when not to, instead off just trying to land them . I can understand that if u have mayweather or tyson as a idol, u wanna do things that they do, but the fact is that we are only gonna be ourself, and not somebody else. i know the last part is a little off topic, but i just felt like saying it.
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