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Default Re: Cotto vs Trout was high altitude training a factor?

Altitude training is used to increase red blood cell production in the muscles. That is a peripheral adaptation, your fitness isn't increased just the holding capacity of the muscles for oxygen. It doesn't take long for those changes to disappear at sea level. When you train at high altitude you cannot train at a high intensity like at sea level.
High intensity training is what increases central adaptations i.e. Vo2 max. That's the reason for the train low-sleep high method, you gain the central adaptations from the high intensity training plus the peripheral adaptations from the altitude.
The peripheral gains from altitude are far more pronounced for pure endurance athletes such as long distance cyclists and runners. For a hybrid athlete like a boxer it would make minimal difference. The important fitness gains are central, the Vo2 max and Lactic capacity from high intensity training. If a boxer spends his whole training camp at altitude he will be impaired unless he was already in peak condition before camp, the boxer would then detrain during camp but if he was already at a high level of central fitness it might not matter too much.
Either way altitude training is next to useless for a boxer imo, and as I mentioned more often than not detrimental to performance.
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