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Default Re: Why are British fighters treated the worst?

British fighters are treated like **** by American fans and pundits for the most part. They hate European fighters, but us Brits especially.

I feel it's because many in the USA don't want to accept the fact that they're not a powerhouse in the sport of boxing anymore, at least not as big of a powerhouse as they were a few decades ago. They won **** all at the Olympics and haven't had a American heavyweight champion in years (that's why the try and ignore the Klitschko bros legacy). They still like to believe that their fighters are better than everyone else's however.

They call Mayweather a living legend and one of the best ever. Do you think they'd call him that if he were from another country besides the USA? Not a chance I don't reckon. He'd just be a "good fighter" who "cherry picks his opponents" like they said about Joe Calzaghe.

American boxing fans have declined or are just not as interested in the sport anymore. If a Mexican fighter or a European fighter fights in his home country or city he sells it out. Very few Americans are able to do that.

All of this has contributed to many Americans feeling uncomfortable that their country isn't producing the amount of quality fighters they were in years past. So when a fighter from a foreign country (Britain especially) comes along to try and challenge one of their special guys they immediately slate and try to downplay him. (e.g. Hatton, Brook, Burns, Calzaghe and even Froch for a while as well). Only a handful of foreign fighters in the sport are treated well by the USA boxing media and that's only because of the fact they're based and promoted over there (e.g. Pacquaio, Khan and Lennox Lewis to name a few).

That's my opinion.

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