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Default Re: Roids detection. How do they do it in Germany- Klitschko style

Originally Posted by sixkiller View Post
Well, some other interesting questions arises around the Wach's roid affair.
1. Why did he take substance so simple to detect while his promoter and friend Mariusz Kolodziej is a smart guy and self-made multimillionaire who can afford the best drugs and advisors/physicians? Secondly, boxing for him is a hobby and not a way of making money. He took Wach from Poland where he earned $700 a month, gave him money for living, trainers and everything he needed to focus only on boxing. He also said thah all money from Klitschko bout are going to Wach. He just tried to become a guy who makes some of his fellow citizens and boxer a famous sportsmen. Since he pays and is responsible for everything - gym, trainers who are only on his payroll, nutrition and so on - there's no chance that Wach would took something without his approve. So he knew he would be a second guy who would lose his reputation in the brutal manner? This dude runs a huge food business in NJ i considered as a philanthropist and nice guy - would he be so stupid to lose his PR in that way and without a reason - 'cause like I said it's not about money?

2. Why German Boxing Federation president Thomas Putz didn't annouce officially that Wach failed the test but did it via Bild (german The Sun)? Why it took him so long?It is said that Wach wasn't tested positive before the fight. Does he plan to cut or take away Wach's money ?

3. Do you know any other president of any national boxing federation official who is so close with some fighters? This guy not only appears with K-Bros in the ring, at press conferences and so on but also on many private occasions from their first steps in Germany.

Do you think that guy who is probably on Klitschko payroll would detect anything in their urine or blood ?
Why would Dirk Kuyt turn a blind eye to drug abuse?
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