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Default Re: Wlad gets severely underrated in H2H matchups

Originally Posted by SuzieQ49 View Post
For some reason, people love to still bring up what happened pre 2005 about Wlad, as if Wlad was the same fighter then that he is today

Tyson knocking out Wlad in 1 round?

You guys talk about Wlad's flaws, what about Tyson's flaws? Tyson had trouble with tall, powerful boxers, with a good jab. Wlad could really beat up, frustrate, outsmart Tyson on the outside all night long.
Maybe in Germany anywhere else i think Wlad would be i great danger of getting DQ loss, Mike would get inside often and we know Wlad would hold and hold again, i meen there was 16 clinches against Mormeck in first round just imagine how much there would be against Tyson.
About KO in round 1 not realistic but thinking Wlad would keep him away with his jab is bull**** he missed a lot against Haye and mike had better head movement than Haye, plus his all game was fighting small and he knew how to attack ofter misses from his opponents. Wlad does have fast feet for his size as he showed it against Haye but mike was faster on his feet than Haye and actually knew how to get inside something that Haye doesnt know how to do.
if Wlad would throw as many punches as he needs to keep Mike of him he would gas before 5th thing is he would hold hold hold becouse he can not throw enough shots to keep Mike away!
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