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Default Re: Khan: Offensively, I'm a good fighter. Defensively, I'm one of the worst fighters

Originally Posted by widdy View Post
erm yes he was, and what do you mean 'no where near' so he was,but just a ikkle bit ,he was the same,admit it laz.
khan will not change,he boxed the same way all way through his career,it just works against some fighters but not all.
ive said all along,he is good,but not THAT good. hunter is just a trainer,not a miracle worker. remember,its the fighter what makes the trainer
Yes, nowhere near, meaning he didn't acknowledge his flaws in an honest manner and mentioned how he really needs to improve on them. His thought of improvement was probably in other things, and not so much defence, or maybe as he has said, he wasn't learning newer defensive skills from Freddie, and there is substance in that - just look at Manny.

Despite his losses, I've seen significant improvement in his ****nal and even though it's been a little, he's defensively a lot better than he used to be back in the old days. Losing or getting knocked out doesn't always mean that the fighter hasn't improved.

Well I think in Hunter's case, it's the trainer who makes the fighter. By the way, I'm not saying we're going to get some Khan 2.0, I just appreciate his honest assessment of himself, which he never used to be too smart on.
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