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Default Re: Cotto vs Trout was high altitude training a factor?

Originally Posted by Imperial1 View Post
Peak out of the human body ,listen if it was a health thing I would not argue but from a boxing perspective , I have yet to see how these progressions have improved the fighters in the ring ..Sure they are healthy as hell but when they can't box for a full fight with skill it hurts the fighters in the long run .Has anyone noticed how Cotto always gasses in his fights ? How was his physical peak an advantage when he almost get the breaks beat off him in the boxing matches down the stretch ?
Cotto didn't have a physical problem he had a Trout problem.
You want to know why Cotto gassed heavily?
Trout was landing heavy Left hands to his body along with stiff jabs to his body all through the fight. You could see the cummulative effects as the fight progressed and the apex was when Trout hit him in the body with his left that hurt Cotto and made him turn around and run to the corner.

That was all Trout, not his conditioning.
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