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Default Re: Tyson would have beaten wlad pretty easy and heres why

Wlad never lets his opponents get inside/
If anyone manages to get under the jab, he either grabs them and leans his massive frame and weight on them or backpedals out of the range.

Theres no mid range with Wlad, he either has you at the end of his jab or he leans on you

Also if you ever saw a WK fight you'll know that the young klit would never fight like this so carelessly.

Windmilling and throwing wild looping hayemakers into thin air leaving himself open to counters aint what WK does; his movement footwork and straight punches are always cautiously calculated not to leave him open to counters.

He'll never be so agressive in close quarters with tyson, he'll just lean on him and try to tire him much like lennox did in their fight.

With that being said i think Tyson gets him sooner or later.
I see Wlad having difficulties landing anything heavy on such a small and elusive target much like the same with Haye.
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