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Default Re: Who was the best fighter to never beat a top 10 contender?

Originally Posted by LittleRed View Post
I know dyna is joking but it always struck me that Chavez is the avatar for 'great guy who beat a bunch of bums'. His contemporary, Pernell Whitaker, did not beat any more top guys than Chavez and fought several bums himself but no one ever looks at Whitaker and says "He fought a 3-6 guy in the middle of his title reign, he only beat bums.'
This is very true. I have heard both chavez and roy jones jr get harassed for fighting bums, along with other modern fighters. However, for some reason Pernell Whitaker seems to be bulletproof from this kind of criticism. His resume really isn't much better than thiers, and even if it is, his resume is barely better. Whitaker on this forum gets treated like he has the accomplishments of Ali.
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