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Default Re: Pavlik hasn't done much at SMW!

Originally Posted by Hermit View Post
So, what Mack did at LHW is more relevant than what Pavlik did at MW?

Well guess what sweetheart. You left out the fact that Kelly is rated #8 at SMW. This just gets better and better.
WTF are you talking about? Go back and read what I said. My post that you latched on to was in response to a guy claiming Pavlik's victory over Rosinsky was 100 times better than Froch's over Mack (which is nonsense).

Where have I said what Mack did at LHW was better than what Pavlik did at MW?

I was comparing Rosinsky with Mack. Pay some attention to what you read before you respond to it. I know it's difficult for you, being so far stuck up Pavlik's ****, you seem to think everything is about him, but do try.
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