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Default Re: Pacquiao - last day of training camp (Video)

Some other things I found interesting are that Manny is preparing for when Marquez ducks low; it was his key to getting Manny on the inside and working his body. On the mitts he's putting his forearm out and pushing off as he pivots, and throwing a right for when JMM comes back up...interesting tactic.

Also interesting is trying to throw a left hand over the right and leaning with it, as JMM comes in on the inside, you can hear Manny say "when he's inside".

They seemed to have Manny cutting off the ring better in the Bradley fight by stepping over instead of following him around, and probably hope to continue that.

I think Marquez is going to offset a lot of these tactics by leading against Manny more. Everytime he did in the third fight, even though Manny was prepared to counter, he was caught off guard after being led around the ring so much and was either pushed back off balance or shelled up.

Originally Posted by Uncle Rico View Post
His footwork will be key in both cutting off the ring and creating angles. They seemed to be working on that. I also noticed them trying out the same shot that knocked JMM down in the second fight. Roach was throwing a left-hook I think to the body and Pac was shooting a counter left. And that's another important thing - Pac's gotta' be more daring in his exchanges and not be so daunted by JMM's feints.
I caught that too. In the third fight, JMM landed the lead left to the body so often because from the low angle, he was shooting everything, so after getting countered up top, Manny was neglecting his body, and JMM would take advantage. Pac is probably going to be more offensive, but I think Marquez is as well, and throwing leads will probably make those feints jerk Manny in the second-half of the fight after they've both tasted some leather.
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