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Default Re: Wlad gets severely underrated in H2H matchups

Originally Posted by RememberingC.S. View Post
The so called "too elusive" Tyson got hitted, and well, even by boxers slower and less accurate than Wlad; and also, his "elusiveness", based on dodging and moving alot, has an high cost, in terms of pure energy (moving the entire torso burns a lot of energy), and also in terms of stunned head; in fact, when the fights went over the first rounds, his "elusiveness" bacame elusive, and progressively less effective.
Finally, even whit a boxer able to dodge everything, without tiring, wlad would still win at points

Wlad doesnt have the agression and chin to afford to go ***** out after tyson and really hurt him, and i genuinely think that Tyson would get to him sooner then Wlad would get to Tyson.

I would actually favor Vitali in an all out war against tyson if his skin holds on or doesnt get another freak injury but with Wlad is another matter, wlad is all about finesse, working behind the jab keeping his foe at distance pawing with the left hand and planning the next move, and prime Tyson had the abilities required to beat Wlads style.

True Wlad would grabs anyone who would get past that jab but i still think Tyson would get a sneaky one in sooner or later.
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