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Default Re: Pavlik hasn't done much at SMW!

Originally Posted by Hermit View Post
You are claiming Mack's #14 ranking at Boxrec is superior to Pavlik's #8. I know exactly what I'm reading here. You brought in the Boxrec rankings to justify Froch so you can't leave out Kelly's ranking. The only thing Mack has done at 168 since 2007 is DRAIN DOWN FROM LHW for a pay check. He looked like he was paid under the table to make sure Froch didn't take damage. He doesn't even deserve to be ranked at #14 for that at all. So yes, Pavlik fighting actual SMW's is 100 times better than that. Not even a discussion to be made otherwise unless you want to quibble about the order of magnitude which is just a ****ing contest.
I am not claiming Macks 14 ranking is superior to Pavliks. Jesus, I'm dealing with a re****. Ignored. Not worth it.
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