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Default Re: Pacquiao - Marquez - Strategy

Originally Posted by Bogotazo View Post
Linares? You mean round 2 of the rematch? Manny was definitely hurt at some point in the 1st fight as well. It's not often and it's not severe but it happens. The third fight the punches made him hesitate, he had Marquez's respect after having those 2 fights prior.

He beat Cotto with his footwork and set-up of left leads and right-hook counters. He can take a punch and exchange, but Marquez often hits him at angles that knock him off balance and don't allow him to pivot into anything else.

There are many moments Cotto fight where Manny takes flushshots and delivers right back - oftentimes in mid-combination ; his sheer aggression / will gets him through those moments. He doesn't have that mentality anymore.

In the case of JMM , your right he often hits Manny and doesnt leave himself open to be hit back, but this isn't the case when they get into exchanges. That's when Manny really needs to let his hands go. He also needs to close off the distance and not be overly concerned with being countered - stay right in JMM's face and make him fight. When JMM is cornered he goes to war, that's always been his habit.

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