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Default Re: Pacquiao - Marquez - Strategy

Marquez can read Pacquiao like we read the daily newspaper.

The question for me here is has Marquez bulked up a little too much to the extent it could adversely affect his speed?

I dont think so.

It looks like Nacho and Marquez are planning on inflicting more damage on Pacquiao via athleticism and strength ................. ie - no change in strategy but emphasis on countering with more power than before. (a lot of pre-fight footage has been targeting "explosiveness" IMO)

My money is on Marquez busting Manny up more than their previous fights and getting a win this time.

Each fight has been close and of course Manny has dynamite in his fists so you can never write him off, but I will be very surprised to see any major change in tactics from Team Pacquiao.
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