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Default Re: Browne v Towers: PREDICTION/POLL/BUILDUP

Interestingly, I heard an interview with Rasani after that fight and he said that although he knew the punch was coming from Lucas but he couldnt get out of the way in time. Lucas is deceptively quick.

I picked Lucas by KO but I think it will be in the mid to late rounds. Although, they've sparred together, Lucas will take his time in this one and will want to work out Towers' range. I don't expect too much action in the first couple of rounds as both fighters will feel each other out. Given the troubles Towers had in his last fight against Tony when crowded, I would'nt be surprised if Lucas asserts some dominance later on and cuts off the ring to Towers with some in close bombs.

Lucas is coming into this one fit and trained for 12 rounds, weighing in the lightest he's been in pro boxing.
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