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Default Re: Wlad gets severely underrated in H2H matchups

Wlad has covered up his real weaknesses through training and adopting a new style/approach. It doesn't completely rid him of that weakness, it only protects it. Effectively I might add. His chin is suspect, he panics under pressure, and his ability to do anything inside beyond holding is a worry. That is a character flaw, not really a technical one. There have been guys in the recent and not so recent past who would have gotten past his rather simplistic style (yes, it's effective) and in range to exploit his weaknesses. Exploit enough to win? Not all, but definitely some. It's hard to keep in perspective when he's dominating, but look at the men he's dominating and compare them to champs and top contenders in the past. No comparison really. Any unbiased eye can see that. He stacks up well h2h, but does lose a few.
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