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Default Re: Clay vs Frazier FOTC

Originally Posted by BillB View Post
Clay never legally changed his name. His name is still Cassius Marcellus Clay. He publicly refused to make a legal name change.
Muhammad Ali is an assumed name or an alias.

No one is ethically compelled to refer to a person by a false name.[/quote]

This is correct, so no doubt you refer to Jersey Joe Walcott as Arnold Raymond Cream, Marciano as Rocco Marchegiano,Louis as Joseph Louis Barrow, Ketchel as Stanislaus Kiecal, Robinson as Walker Smith, Lewis as Gershon Mendeloff, Burns as Noah Brusso,Britton as William Breslin. and about 10,000 other boxers by their real names.

Its called courtesy.

It's a matter of choice. One is free to refer to Clay or any of these people by their correct names or their assumed names. There is nothing wrong with either choice.

Rebuking someone for this is silly and shows a streak of sycophancy (ass kissing).
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