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Default Fights or Fighters you remember that "evolved" the skill sets in MMA?

Which fights or fighters do you remember that you think contributed to the development of today's MMA?


2. Royce Gracie - for obvious reasons

3. Dan Severn - suplexing the hell out of Anthony Macias at UFC 4 and establishing wrestling as a dominant style in UFC

4. Fred Ettish - unwavering spirit in the face of absolute adversity

5. Marco Ruas - using leg kicks to immobilize and chop down Paul Varlens

6. Yuki Kondo - showing that the flyiing knee was a real move

7. Bas Rutten - first bare knuckle spinning back fist I ever seen actually work in Pancrase

8. Victor Belfort - Boxing and the importance of Hand Speed (speed kills etc)

9. Pele - first guy I saw who stopped BJJ with Muay Thai clinch and knees

10. Mark Coleman - introducing the ground n pound (I really can't stand watching ground n pound, but I know it can get the job done.)

11. Maurice Smith - when he KO'd Conan with a roundhouse to the head

12. Frank Shamrock - first guy I remember who introduced the importance of overall athletic performance to back up skills

I know there are more major contributors to the sport, but these are the competitors who I think were pioneers in what we see in MMA today. Anybody else who deserves to be on the list?

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