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Default Re: Wlad gets severely underrated in H2H matchups

Originally Posted by Porgeous Porge View Post
i saw the Ring issue of Klitscho vs the greats and it was like what if this guy lands on Wlad or this guy lands on Wlad

how bout if Wlad lands on these guys, they all go back to the supposed glass jaw of Wlad but ignore that a lot of the classic guys have been stopped and ignore Wlad has all kinds of fire power

the articles like what if Foreman hits Wlad, well what if Wlad hits foreman

my opinion on Wlad is basically that at his size and with his athleticism and power is a threat to anybody who ever fought in the heavyweight ranks

does this mean that he beats everyone, no, these are big heavyweights they can all KO each other with one shot or change a fight with one punch

I think Wlad holds enough advantages where he is a live dog or even 50/50 or better with the majority of champs in history

does this mean he couldnt lose to someone no

for me he would be really in danger vs a select few and the guys i wouldnt pick im to beat with total confidence would be as follows

Lennox Lewis- i see this as a pretty close match up but Lewis to me appears more versatile offensively and more capable of going to war

Tyson- The guy on his greatest days was a machine, power, speed, explosiveness, grit, attitude defense etc...Guy is a lock over many for h2h comparison, i dont think Wlad definitely wins here but i also dont think he definitely loses

Holmes- I would be willing to bet Wlad would win but Holmes is a great and savvy fighter

Ali- Depending on which title reign you use Ali was just a master of his craft even when past his best days. for me he is difficult to pick against

Louis- athletically gifted and has wins over large heavyweights, great technique, not sure if he could beat Wlad but it would be interesting
I agree with much of what you have said, very reasonable post. But Louis? Louis would be slaughtered. It would be like a man against a boy.
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