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Default Re: Jeffries v Quarry

Originally Posted by mcvey View Post
If this is for me. I'm not missing anything, I accept that Jeffries was a solid puncher, my contention is that he was not a super heavy puncher as you say Fitz undoubtedly was.
Jeffries wore his opponents down before despatching them and , for the most part he greatly outsized them.

I find it quite possible that Quarry hit as hard as Jeffries ,and he had the added disadvantage of wearing bigger gloves, and hitting on men who were not only real heavyweights but were not coming out of extended retirement.

I haven't even made a pick here .

A question for you

Which top heavyweight in his prime did Jeffries knock unconscious ?

In other words when did Jeffries ever do this?

As I told you Jeffries who wasn’t always aggressive and sometimes had a conservative approach given the distance of his fights produced a knockdown in all of his fights, save his lame comeback effort when he was 35, had to lose 80+ and had not fought in 6 years. He wasn’t always aggressive like say Marciano or Frazier were. And his record has the least amount of .500 fighters of any champion in the division, meaning he didn’t fatten his KO record with tomato cans.

Knocking a man unconscious is a rare thing in boxing, particularly once you pass the journeyman level, but take note, Jeffries KO’d Fitz cold, and had Corbett out like a log until the count ended. He destroyed Munroe and Everett ( both of whom were in their prime ) faster than any one. Jackson was out like a puppet who’s strings had be cut, a mess in the ropes and could not have made to his own corner unassisted. The police stoppage you ascertain for Jackson needs a qualifier, but I don’t expect fair minded reporting form you. Corbett in the 2nd fight would not have lasted another round. In fact there are news reads that say he was down for a long count.

Rickard said Jeffries hit harder than Dempsey. Now do you think Dempsey was just a “ solid puncher “ ? Of Coues not! Your double standard and agenda will not play with anyone familiar on the subject material.

Very few knowdegeable fight fans will say Quarry hit harder. In fact almost none will. And the vast majority will say Jeffries hit hard than Quarry.
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