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Default Re: Is Roberto Duran a top-10 All Time Great?

Originally Posted by Senya13 View Post
This is not just my viewpoint, this is an opinion shared by a whole lot of contemporary (for each era) experts.
A "whole lot of contemporaries" think that Frazier and Ali were "only in one good fight" and that Liston "wasn't that good?" I doubt it very much.

I pointed out before, that Ken Norton, for example, was seen as the 5th worst heavyweight titlist of all time in 1981.
Might be reasonable, i'm not sure. It wouldn't stop him being an excellent contender which is the way he is generally viewed these days.

Jimmy Ellis, who is also often brought up as one of the better contenders, was voted 7th worst
A weak champion can still be a good contender. In fact, becomes so almost by definition.

Start reading Ring magazines, years by year, decade by decade, they are moaning that the heavyweight division is bad-bad-bad.
I have yet to read an era Ring opinion that views the HW division as strong. In the 90's, it was weak, Charles era, very weak, Louis era, weak, there are articles that claim boxing is dying due to the weakness of the HW division almost from the moment it was in print.

Either it was never strong even relative to itself or something else is going on.

You need to look a good deal further and farther than Ring to understand what was really happening.

Ali's resume is superb, and Ring magazine will almost certainly agree with me. The WBC certainly do.
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