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Default Re: Wlad gets severely underrated in H2H matchups

Originally Posted by Montero View Post
Tyson's best wins:

1. Tony Tucker
2. Larry Holmes (40 years old, coming off 2 year layoff)
3. Michael Spinks (former super middleweight coming off 1 year layoff)
4. Tony Tubbs
5. Trevor Berbick

The only one that's comparable to Wladimir Klitschko is Tony Tucker (6'5", 240's). Tyson fought him in his prime and won a clear decision, but Tucker is not on Wlad's level. It's amazing to me how badly some people overrate Tyson and underrate Klitschko.
Yet that's still a better level of opposition than Wlad has beaten.

Who was Wlad's best win? Byrd, who while good had the wrong style to ever beat Wlad and can't compare to even a 38 year old Holmes or Spinks. Or perhaps Peter who was wildly over rated and would have lost to Tucker and Holmes and even Spinks.

Yes Wlad does get under rated in H2H matchups, too many people seeing the losses to Purrity, Sanders and Brewster and thinking that was anything remotely like prime Wlad now. But against most of the greats he'll need more than his jab and grab tactics to come out on top.
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