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Default Re: Why do some boxing 'fans' hate so much?

Originally Posted by TED 822 View Post
Heard a lot of booing for Glen Johnson against Clinton Woods.How can any real fan boo him??
I went to watch Clinton a lot and always enjoyed seeing him fight; a lot of the crowd at the bigger events, though, were Wednesday yobs who didn't know **** from elbow. Bit like Hatton really with all the City ****ers, just on a lesser scale. Johnson wasn't the only one; I can remember JC Gonzalez, god bless him, being on the end of some horrible racist abuse from my area of the crowd at the Hallam FM area both times.

A small gang of BNP lads behind me and my two mates were calling him all sorts of ****. I'd already turned around twice to warn them to pack it in sharpish, and my mate, who's pretty handy, was on the verge of cracking one of them. Me and the other mate were about to try and stop him, but another bloke a couple of seats along who'd been quiet throughout - and was about 7 foot tall into the bargain - leaned over and sort of calmly said if they weren't quiet for the rest of the fight, they'd -and I quote - ''need a ****ing air crash investigation team to put them all back into one piece''.

And they listened, funnily enough. Horrible *******s. Like you alluded to, it's bad enough that it happens at all, but to road warriors like Johnson and Gonzalez?

I'm generally very critical of modern boxing, but it's more to do with everything but the fighters themselves tbh: politics, the declining talent pool, the devolution of skill, the hyperbolic attitude and general ineptitude of the media etc. But very rarely the fighters themselves. There are the *****s like Mayweather who get my back up every now and again, but I think I'm fair overall.

I watch, enjoy and play a lot of sport, but I'm quite cynical in that I think it brings out the nasty, stupid and ****tish side of people more often than it actually engenders it's own supposed values and spirit, and it thoroughly overestimates it's own importance in society. The gits who waffle on about sport's ability to dismantle barriers, leave a legacy and heal broken society blah blah are nearly as irritating as the reactionary keyboard warrior types that are the subject of this thread imo.

Take the Commonwealth Games as an example. I can remember all the hoopla in the UK over India hosting the Commonwealths back in 2010. Having been to New Delhi since, trust me, there's no lasting legacy or anything of the kind, despite what BBC Sport would have you believe. Life there for 90% of joe public is just as desperate and tough as it was before.
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