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Default Re: If there were still 15 rounds

Originally Posted by Stinky gloves View Post
I think 6 rounds would be great, fast action ans a lot of knock outs.

15 rounders were highly overrated, the action was packed in the first 4 rounds
and if nothing happened then the next 10 rounds were total snooooozers
finally they were trying to do something in 15th if they had any stamina left.
This is not true. I grew up in the era of 15 rounders, and let me tell you, some of the most exciting finishes came in the now-obliterated CHAMPIONSHIP rounds. They were called this because they were the rounds the separated the "champ" from the "chumps,"

It is a TRAGEDY that television stole the championship rounds from us all those years ago. All to fit boxing into their hour-long time slots. They should be brought back ASAP.
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