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Default Re: past prime hof fighters who has never been DOMINATED

Originally Posted by mjl916 View Post
so i was thinking that some of these past prime hof fighters that were never ever dominated.was always in the fight. lost but ALWAYS competitive. heres a few names.

current pacman
current floyd
etc etc

the list of past prime fighters that were completely dominated includes
etc etc

does this say anything about the skills of a fighter?
Shows more of what their style is and who they fought.
Fighters whose style relies mostly on quick reflexes and pure athleticism tend to end up being dominated once too far past their prime because they are trying to fight as if they still had their prime reflexes. Mosley and RJJ are two of the best examples of this.

Those who have great fundamentals tend to avoid be dominated provided they don't on for way too long. Morales, of course, had solid fundamentals but he fought guys such as Garcia and Pac, who are poison for older, slower oponents.
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