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Default Re: so ricky burns works part time in a sports shop?

Originally Posted by cheekyvid View Post
Listen if Ricky served me, I'd even buy the ****ey "trainer-whitening" *******s they try and hawk(or used to anyway) cos he's such a top bloke
Tippex for trainers

Personally speaking, it would be a great buzz to walk into a sports shop, & see a world champion boxer working there. I know, cos I experienced seeing a scottish legend working in a sport shop.

I remember back in the day in argyle street in Glasgow city centre a certain Gary Jacobs worked in a sports store, when he was boxing & in his prime like Ricky. Gary Jacobs went onto fight the P4P no1 Pernell whittaker, AND floor him on the way to a brave points defeat.

I was a young laddie then, & didnt go up to tell Jacobs how much I loved and respected him as a fighter. You know how it is at that age, wheras now I am nearly 40 I would happily approach a boxer in the same situation & get all soppy & starstruck in front of a xmas rush

Put it this way, where else in the world would you get to see a european champion who floored a P4P legend, & a current world champion quietly doing their thing in a shopping store at the weekend in different decades?

THATS why I love scottish fighters
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