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Default Re: Mark de Mori - the most padded career in Aussie boxing?

Originally Posted by Totalpac View Post
And you can sit around and say 'oh man life sucks blah blah blah' or keep training day in day out, stay ready for a short notice call up and do what you can to make your own fights.

It is what it is, sitting around believing DK's **** had him sitting around for 2.5 years, taking his career into his own hands has got him in the ring hopefully 4 times in 18 months. I can't help anyone who thinks that isn't a step in the right direction.
We don't sit around and say life sucks, and we don't try and pull the wool over peoples eyes and dribble **** and give excuses on why the lack of activity and quality opponents.. Keep it REAL bro!
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