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Default Re: Wlad gets severely underrated in H2H matchups

Originally Posted by SuzieQ49 View Post
For some reason, people love to still bring up what happened pre 2005 about Wlad, as if Wlad was the same fighter then that he is today

Tyson knocking out Wlad in 1 round?

You guys talk about Wlad's flaws, what about Tyson's flaws? Tyson had trouble with tall, powerful boxers, with a good jab. Wlad could really beat up, frustrate, outsmart tyson on the outside all night long.
Tyson had zero trouble with tall boxers. Zero. He KO'd 2 guys who were 6'6. KO'd one guy who was 6'5. Out boxed the huge Tony Tucker winning every round but maybe one. Tyson lost to Douglas in his prime. That's it.

Wlad can't brawl,can't fight on the inside,has very bad punch resistance and is very cautious. Tyson would KO any Wlad inside 4 rounds.

Sloppy slow Wach hit Wlad 3 times and Wlad looked shot by the end of the fight.
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