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Default Re: Why are the current heavyweights so soft and pudgy?

Originally Posted by Primenal View Post
#1. Many lazy people in this world
#2. If your a heavyweight.. You don't have to make any weight. Of corse guys in smaller divisions are looking toned whenever they have to drop 30 pounds in training camp. They have a goal, they have a certain weight to make, there pushed very hard to do so. Take a look at what happened to Hatton and Naseem when they didn't have these goals.

I know somebody is going to say the old heavyweight division was different... Tyson, Holyfield, Lewis (until the last stages), Ali, etc all came in shape. As JeanPaul said the guys who are real contenders are in shape. Not every guy back then was built like Tyson either.
Also the Heavyweights these days are much bigger. How many guys are over 6'5 these days? If your a 6 foot guy your pretty small in the division, and I'm sure some feel the need to pack on extra weight to deal with the size of these guys. Though not the best kind of weight.
I agree n thanks for the shout out!
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