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Default Re: Mark de Mori - the most padded career in Aussie boxing?

Originally Posted by Totalpac View Post
The fact you quote that over and over as a negative intrests me.

You don't think an Aussie kid at age 15 watching Tyson seeing DK on tv and saying one day I'm going to be HW boxer in the US then getting there and doing just that is a highlight?

How long is the list of Aussie HW's that have signed with a major US promoter? That is a serious question in case you are wondering, I have no idea.
I'm just amazed at some of de Mori's statements to be honest.

I don't think he could have summarized his career any better than when he said: "I've achieved all my goals in boxing and are now just in it to entertain".

Food for thought: Would marrying your wife be the highlight of your life if you had a terrible marriage and were now desperate to divorce her?
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