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Default Re: Wladimir Klitschko vs. Rocky Marciano

Originally Posted by SuzieQ49 View Post

Marciano's power is not overrated. The pre 1954 Rocky Marciano was a very legitimate one punch knockout artist. Say what you want about his power post 1953 when he changed his style. You overrate Dempsey's power because it took him 77 power punches to knockout a few hill billy farmers.

I agree with you about Vlad's chin.
Pre-1954 he only fought a handful of decent fighters. He beat Layne to a pulp before dispatching him. Lastarza took tons of shots over two fights and once only stopped late in the second after being battered and bruised by hundreds of punches. Louis was a complete mummy, a walking ghost. Walcott bounced off the ropes carrying his momentum into Marciano's right.

I'm not saying he didn't have power, but he was more an attrition and volume guy than he was some one shot wonder. And I love the bogus PSI test from the Air Force or whoever supposedly sanctioned those garbage stats. What a load of promoter bull****.

Marciano's most remarkable ability was not his power. It was his stamina and output, his relentless, dogged fighting spirit. Unfortunately, he was woefully ill-equipped physically, a fact that greatly bothers the fragile Italian-American psyche and requires more over-compensation than can be provided by a parking lot full of Iroc's. Thus, we get these bull**** estimations of Marciano's Herculean power, the wild exaggerations and the assertions that he can beat men heavier by 60 pounds of muscle, 7 inches taller and 14 inches longer in reach, guys who have faced a non-stop succession of full-sized modern heavies with the sort of blistering power that has become the norm in the division.
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