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Default Re: Why are the current heavyweights so soft and pudgy?

Originally Posted by ViktorVaughn View Post
That's a good one! Getting their diet right seems to be a problem for many HW. The interesting part is that some HW with a sport background (athletics, football...) know that they need to be have a rigorous training as well as a balanced diet. In football the difference seems to be that many guys know it is just a requirement if you wanna be considered worth playing (exceptions exist of course). In boxing many young HW fighters are hyped to the bone by their entourage and team and they forget that you need the whole package to make it big.
The best part for boxers is that they burn a lot of calories (if training consistently) therefore they can do junk food in reasonable amount and still get away with it. Therefore for them coming in soft reflect a dieting problem. Even Arreola would look fit and cut if dieting properly I dont care what he or his fans say!
I get what you're saying but Arreola has like loose skin or something. He's thin but he has zero definition.
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