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Default Re: Why are the current heavyweights so soft and pudgy?

Originally Posted by Augustane View Post
I just had a moment of clarity while watching some old Ali, Foreman, and Tyson videos.

Modern heavyweights (Klitschkos and cruiserweights aside) are starting to make Butterbean look good.

What the hell happened to the Heavyweight division? It's not even a matter of aesthetics. I feel like if these guys were at all as competitive as the middleweights and welterweights, then they should at least have 'some' definition on their bodies. Even 'Big' George Foreman looks like a toothpick compared to many of today's contenders.

What happened?

What are ESB's thoughts and opinions?
The dominance of Lennox Lewis and the Klitschkos made fighters take notice and place greater emphasis on size/strength to be competitive.
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