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Default Re: Duran- Hagler / Camacho/ Panzienza. ATG ranking Question

Originally Posted by Balder View Post
I do think Durans loss performance against Hagler is greater than Leonards win. ( I think Hagler won anyway)

Perhaps it is just me, But seeing Duran way above his natural weight fighting into his 40's against Camacho/Panzienza and ( I think Winning agaisnt them) Could be used to justify his atg rankings ( my top 5)

I cant think of any fighter who had so much success fighting at that late an age.

Besides Archie Moore perhaps. Even Archie did not have to jump so many weight classes though.

Camacho and Panzienza were at least a decade younger and held titles. I dont hold those wins ( not by the books) in that low a regard as to think them meaningless.

Thats of course if you agree Duran won the fights.
I cannot see how a loss is greater than the win Ray Leonard had.
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