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Default Re: Can Oscar de La Hoya beat Duran at at 147. In there primes?

While Oscar De La Hoya was good at using his almost 6' frame, and had a great jab. He was never a off the back foot classic boxer. I'd call him a lesser version of pre Duran I Ray Leonard who in turn may be a lesser version of Ray Robinson. The nearest fight I can think of when trying to figure what this fight looks like is Duran/Leonard I. That fight could have gone either way.
If Leonard/Duran I could have gone either way dose this mean that Duran would beat De La Hoya who I belive to be a lesser version of Leonard? I'm not sure. De La Hoya has been with a pretty good group of boxers. John John Molina, Rafael Ruelas, Genaro Hernandez, Pernell Whitaker, Ike Quartey, Felix Trinidad & Shane Mosley. Only losing to the last two.
He also beat Julio Cesar Chavez (twice) & Hector Camacho who he knocked down. Which is no easy task. Duran was Leonard's second defense. It was his 27th fight. De La Hoya beat Camacho in his 25th fight in his second defense of his welterweight championship. By this time The Golden Boy may had been in with better boxers than Leonard was in against by the first Duran fight. De La Hoya is also a better puncher scoring 21 stoppages in those 25 bouts. Leonard had 18 in 27 bouts.
The saying goes Styles makes fights. I also beleive that when a tall fighter doesn't take advntage of his advantages. He will get taken advantage of. Like I said De La Hoya isn't a classic off rbe back foot boxer.
I do think this plays out like The first Duran Leonard, and it will come down to who the jdges like better.

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