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Default Re: Bodybuilder/model picks on twerps plus nutrition,experience, fitness advice share

Originally Posted by dealt_with View Post
When you say you didn't have him running do you mean long distances or sprints as well? What was his base fitness like before training for the fight?
Non at all, all of it was high intensity interval work on a bike. I'll be throwing sprints in at some point in the future but he really needs to focus on other physical components before I have him do sprints too, due to how demanding they are over other interval work.

Originally Posted by Anglosaxon View Post
My buddy in Canada raved about D=Aspartic acid, I read the reviews too, but never tried it, heard very good things, what is it you dislike about it?

I was going to combine that and L-agimine
It raises test by an insignificant amount, nowhere near enough to effect hypertrophy. Instead of arginine, buy bonded citruline malate 2:1.

Originally Posted by craigseventy View Post
Nice one, film the fight?
Fancy doing me a bulk diet plan ha. Your right there's too much *******s in this thread nowadays so I'm mostly sticking to smalls' thread now.
I'd imagine it was filmed, I'll leave it up to him to post it though if he would like to.

If you want some diet help then yeah, feel free to PM me.

Originally Posted by pichuchu View Post
Good about that bout.
I hope you charged him a good price!
My pricing is reasonable, I'm only young and have a ****-tonne to learn so I just like to be compensated for the time that working with somebody consumes rather than make any real money out of things

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