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Default Re: I like Barrera, BUT

Originally Posted by JoeCamelTow View Post
Barrera simply overlooked Pac. He was solely focused on the Morales trilogy
and Pac was a nobody then. Mab probably thought he'd just steamroll through this guy and an move on to his arch nemesis.

(not saying the outcome would have been any different)
Pac wasn't exactly a nobody, he was a very hot up and comer and widely acknowledged to be dangerous as ****. MAB didn't care. I hated it when he took that fight, to me Pac had the aura of a young guy coming up who just wasn't going to be beat, like a young Tyson. That's one of the things that used to burn my ass about Pac fans, they didn't realize what a great favor Mab did for Pac even taking that fight, as risky as it was. He didn't have to. His performance, if you're looking for something to blame it on, was due to him having the worst camp of his life. Either that or Pac was just too good for him, take your pick. I'm comfortable with either one, and I think Marco is as well.
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