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Default Re: Duran- Hagler / Camacho/ Panzienza. ATG ranking Question

Originally Posted by Balder View Post
Most people do not realize Duran was winning that fight after the 12 round mark.

It is simply unbelievable that a Lightwieght past his best gave one of the greatest Middleweights of all time the fight of his life for his title. Duran would have won it had the fight ended after the 12 th round.

I am a big Duran fan, but he was not winning after 12 rounds, the fight was very close, and Hagler took it to the next level in the championship rounds.

One of the main reasons the fight was so close after 12, was that Hagler's trainer Goody Petronelli put together a plan as though they were fighting primed Duran. I think the reality was, that if Hagler had gone for it earlier, he may of stopped Duran, and at least won a very comfortable decision.

As far as I am concerned Roberto Duran may of fought in name past the Iran Barkley, but it was not Roberto Duran in the ring for them fights. But it should be noted the fighter masquerading under his name was good enough to beat the tough Jorge Castro...
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