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Default Re: 2013 will be the year when KING KHAN RETURNS, Garcia, PEDerson revenge!!!

Originally Posted by Go Getta View Post
Yep Khan recklessness cost him the losses more so vs Garcia as Peterson fight had other factors effecting the outcome too.

Yes Khan does have these problems but Hunter is the best guy for these problems, and i believe with his help and Khan's willingness to go back to boxing instead of fighting will pay off.

I still believe when Khan chooses to box he is a problem for any fighter so lets see if Hunter and tune Khan's head, i think he will.
if he boxes he can beat anyone, but he has to stick to it. I actually think he should fight disciplined but also work the heavybag a lot and build up his shoulders and body punching. That would make him much more effective to drop the hands of guys instead of trying to land on them and head hunting.

Hearns after Hagler worked the heavybag and his shoulders were huge going in to fight Shuler, and the body punches opened up the Shuler cross armed defense. I think if Khan wants to pattern himself after someone it would be a little of Hearns offense without the way Tommy would go for the knockout, since I think Hearns was more offensive and punched harder than Khan so he could take those chances and usually succeed, although even a great like Hearns would leave himself open and got hit like against Barkley.
. But if Khan sets up his punches he could become a very good fighter. But he cannot get into that slugging it out thing because Amir does not have a great chin. He gets hit clean on the chin he does not react well. He has to be defensive and disciplined. That is the only way his career can do well from this point.
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