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Default Re: Ali, was it worth it?

he is my favourite sportsman of all-time, but its not worth it obviously.

saw him getting a crown on his head the other day, not sure what it was all about as i had the sound on the tv muted. god he looked terrible.
while i admire both him and his wife for not ever hiding away because of his condition up til now, i don't think its a positive thing to continue 'putting him on show.'
that sounds like an awful thing to say but i feel uncomfortable seeing him with that strange expression on his face. i feel embarrassed for him.

however, its not really about me and how i feel, of course.
i mean if he wants to keep going to places its up to him isn't it?
its not a positive thing as far as the image of boxing goes i suppose.
i don't know what to think, i keep changing my mind.

can he still talk at all, in a whisper?
i imagine he has to have someone do more or less everything for him nowadays, feeding, dressing, toileting[not sure if thats a word?], and bathing?
i'm sure he doesn't want anyone's sympathy, but i can't help feeling sorry for him.
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