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Default Re: Mark de Mori - the most padded career in Aussie boxing?

Originally Posted by Lilo View Post
Wow this guy really gets some stick doesn't he!?

Is he claiming he's the world's greatest though? I mean what actually is his big crime?

(I actually don't know much of this dude so that is a serious question)
There are a few of us here who think Mark actually does want to step his opposition up, but he's made some massively bad decisions along the way in his career.

In terms of claiming he's the worlds greatest, he definitely hasn't. He's pretty self depreciating actually. He'll give anyone the time of day to chat boxing and what he's up to. He's on twitter and facebook.

Some of the animosity I understand, as frustration that an Aus HW isnt testing himself. The question remains unanswered as to whether he will or not in the future.

Some of the animosity is purely irrational, like fight fans should feel personally affronted by Mark's career thus far.
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