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Default Boxing 'terms': What they mean and what they mean on the Internet.

I was looking through the General forum for the first time today in years. And I have come to the following conclusions on what the terms robbery, great/greatness, shot and wasted talent mean:


Real meaning: A fight in which everybody who saw it, but the officials, believe the wrong person won the fight.

Internet meaning: My favourite fighter lost, but edged the second round.


Real meaning: A fighter or fight that compares favourably to the very best of its peers in the history of the sport.

Internet meaning: A fight/fighter that in context was good or better.


Real meaning: A formerly good fighter or better, who is now losing to fighters who would not even of been in the same Town, let alone the same ring as the fighter in their prime.

Internet meaning: Someone who is unexpectedly knocked down.

Wasted talent

Real meaning: A fighter who over a significant length of time has shown talent, and an ability to be distracted from the sport, at the cost of moving up the rankings.

Internet meaning: Anybody who loses their '0'/Anybody who loses in an upset.


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