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Default nacho beresteins fighters always fought on late

just to name 3 big fighters he has trained

daniel zaragosa - was 38 or 39(and at super bantam that is ancient) and a world champion until he retired after the loss to legendary fighter erik morales (defended the title 4 times before facing erik i believe)

marquez - not much needs to be said as we can turn on the tv and still see him toying with fighters half his age. 38 years old still heavily ranked in the top 5 or 10 P4P and still fights world class opponents (still has yet to be knocked out)

finito lopez - regarded as possibly the best minimum weight in history and retired undefeated and a true champion at the age of 35

age seems to effect a fighter a hell of a lot more the smaller they are so to see these guys fighting on so late and still holding titles really goes to show how amazing they are and there trainer nacho berestein is


EDIT: please post the nacho gif "mayweather shoulder roll"

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