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Default Re: I like Barrera, BUT

Originally Posted by assasin View Post
barrera got steamrolled in the first because he was past his best. he'd flatlined and was simply there for the taking.

by the time the second fight came off, he was past his best even more. the fact that he lasted all twelve rounds while giving a respectable account of himself speaks volumes about him.

had the fight of come off while barrera was prime, he'd of bust up that version of pac real good. but by the time it did take place barrera had clearly lost his fire.

MAB was a great fighter.

im the biggest barrera fan there is bro, but i aient going to say barrera was shot in the first fight, he wasent at his best you are correct but styles make fights and manny gave him fits..

there is a slim chance barrera could beat pacquiao at that time. it would take the perfect executed planned style for the fighter just like he did against hamed.. i personally think barrera has that ability (he is an ATG)

but you chuck barrera in with pacquiao and 8 times out of 10 pac wins
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