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Default Re: Joe Calzaghe: a wasted career?

Originally Posted by Dai View Post
I've got a lot of appreciation for the man's talent.

But his resume is diabolical.

Even if you give him a pass for not fighting Jones, Hopkins or toney when they were near their primes, there is a ton of other people he could have fought, and beat who would have improved his legacy.

Glen Johnson, Antonio tarver, Kelly pavlik, sven ottke, Anthony Mundine, Carl froch, chad Dawson, jermain Taylor.

You'd back him to beat all of them but he didn't fight them.

Andre Ward eclipsed calzaghes entire career in two years.

Joe has to go down as a huge disappointment
Pavlik was a hypejob, Ottke didn't want to fight Joe, Froch was barely a force when Joe was at SMW, He made an offer to both Pavlik and Taylor to fight the winner of the fight/ rematch can't remember which. Glen Johnson's Super middleweight career is very poor compared to LHW so not really relevant to Joe.

Hopkins also refused a career high payday to fight Joe in the US.

Ward's crowning moment is beating an older worse version of a fighter that Joe beat previously when Kessler didn't suffer from double vision. Joe also didn't use headbutts. Ward's resume isn't near to Calzaghe's yet. His legacy still has a way to go too I'm afraid. I want Ward to prove himself at 175 rather than drain LHW's down to SMW

These are facts, these are irrefutable, deal with it
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