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Default Re: Joe Calzaghe: a wasted career?

Originally Posted by pathmanc1986 View Post
According to who?

Bear in mind the money he got for De la Hoya
This has been covered a million times so I'll just post you some links to read*.-a0113144541

"A teleconference was set up in my office in New York for July 30th, 2002, and on the call was myself, Don King who was in the room, Frank ****** and Bernard Hopkins' lawyer, Arnold Joseph. Along with Arnold was a woman named Linda Carter, who was there on behalf of Bernard. We asked Arnold if Bernard wanted to fight Joe Calzaghe and we asked him how much money would he want if he did. The response we got was $3million and the fight would have to take place in the United States. After a little scratching of the head, we said 'Okay, done.' Frank ****** agreed on the spot, Don King agreed and we agreed so as far as we were concerned all parties were singing off the one hymm sheet. Arnold excused himself with Linda and I can only assume it was to call Bernard. Either that day or the next day, they came with a new demand: $6million, double the sum that had been agreed, the deal blew up.....he had then and still has no desire to fight Joe Calzaghe, that much is pretty clear."

Joe gets criticised sometimes for not having fought the big-name Americans, but in this case the fault has never rested with him."

Make your mind up based on all that. I for one think Bhop turned down a chance to fight Joe and was offer $6,000,000 according to one source
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