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Default Re: Boxer that would be the best Bare Knuckle fighter ?

Originally Posted by Boilermaker View Post
I think it is very arguable that LPR suits Ali better than the actual rules he fought under.

So far as wrestling goes, Ali was very strong, and was able to physically outwrestle and manhandle anyone he faced. Even all time great power based fighters like Foreman or even maybe Liston.

Ali had speed to burn. His right hand lead could be thrown as fast as most jabs, and he was able to regularly land this punch at will on great fighters on a regular basis, even in the first round before fatigue set in. Imagine the effect this would have without gloves.

Ali was probably the best improviser i have ever seen in the ring. He knew what to do to win, and despite his bravado personality, he would do anything. Rope a dope, Lead rights, Showboat, Wrestle he always adapted. His lack of body punching is a worry for this type of fight, but i have no doubt that he will use the body punch if it is required. And i have no doubt that it would be devastating.

Ali's power is underated. Without gloves it would be in the devastating term.

Ali's stamina, which is all important in LPR fights is first class and close to as good as anyones.

Ali's chin would be close to inpenatrable under the 30 sec recovery period allowed. He came back from brutal knock downs in 10 secs. The extra 30 secs could only help him.

Ali doesnt sit down on every punch. he is unlikely to break his hands because he only sits down on his punches when he knows he is landing them clean. This must be a huge advantage.

Defence. Ali had the speed and reflexes to duck dodge parry etc. Like a corbett, or a Jem Mace, he would be near impossible to catch. this would help him wear down his opponents who would be chasing him around the ring.

Contrary to popular opinion, i think Ali is one of the better suited Modern fighters of all time under LPR rules. I think he could potentially be the greatest under either ruleset.
You're not wrong, but we're touching upon some big variables here.

Ali would have to suffer body shots without gloves, alter his punching technique and face men with great wrestling experience.

He may have proven very successful, but there seems to be a resistance to the other (more likely) scenario that the best gloved heavyweights would lose (in a bare knuckle fight) to the best bare knuckle fighters.
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