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Default Re: Is Roberto Duran a top-10 All Time Great?

Originally Posted by Hookie View Post
Yes, I do think at least 25 people in the history of boxing have been better than Roberto Duran.

IMO, Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, and Benitez were better for starters... as a matter of fact these guys went 5-1 (2) vs. Duran... how 'bout that!

Robinson, Armstrong, Pacquiao, Morales, Marquez, Barrera, DeLaHoya, Mosley, Ali, Holyfield, Jones, Hopkins, Toney... and others.

Martinez, Ward, Mayweather, the Klitschko's, and some others will probably prove to be better as well.

He stepped up and won a very close fight vs. Leonard (great job), what else did he do that was so great? He was great, but top 25? I don't think so!
You've given us a lot to ponder.
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